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Name: Anne and Ken Roberts
In memory of: Peter Johannsson
Message: Elaine, we just read an obituary notice about Peter and are truly shaken. We both loved Peter and remember him so fondly from Massey College days and our too few get together over the years. This is a huge loss for you. We remember our last dinner with you both and our daughter Mary in Picton at Waring house a few years ago. Very saddened. We wish you well in the comfort of your family and grateful community.
Anne and Ken
Name: Mark Henry
In memory of: Peter Johannsson
Message: Please also accept my deepest condolences to Dr. Johannsson’s family, friends and devoted, exceptional, staff. Time has moved on since his untimely departure, but this amazing man's passing remains so current. As my family doctor and, now grown, my children's family doctor, the comfort of knowing he always had our best interests in mind is the very positive legacy which will remain with us - always. I can't imagine a more caring physician. It would be only right and highly appropriate to recognize his incredible contributions to the good health of so many of us - what can/what should we do in his memory? What more could we have asked of any physician? He was truly remarkable - thank you Peter.
Name: Karen Tonner
In memory of: Peter Johannsson
Message: I first met Peter while he was working in Picton emerg and I was a Paramedic. This was 38 years ago. He eventually became my family doctor and we forged a lovely relationship together. He would share his life goings with me and I him. We also shared a love of horses and dogs. I loved him. We were friends not just patient and doctor. I feel the hole since his passing and all of the fond memories of chats we shared. He was also such a kind and caring doctor. One that will likely never be replaced. Rest well my friend. We’ve got it from here. Xo
Name: Jennifer Babin
In memory of: Dr. Peter Johannsson
Message: Dr. Johannsson was my family Dr for over 30 years. Not only will he be missed , but his staff as well.
Name: Rick Grant
In memory of: Peter Johannsson
Message: A remarkable man who's kindness and insights will be forever appreciated.
A great loss for the community.
Name: Elizabeth Lancaster
In memory of: Dr. Peter Johannsson
Message: My deepest condolences to Dr. Johannsson’s family and dear friends. He was physician to both me and my mother. When I first started seeing Dr. Johannsson I was struck by how, when he asked how I was doing, he would sit and listen - a marked difference from my previous, Toronto doctor, who would ask and then look away and be pre-occupied with some task or other. When I commented on the his approach he said, ‘I’ve learned that if I don’t sit and listen, I can miss things that would otherwise take two or three more visits to find out’.
It was this attentive listening, along with his curiosity about the lives of the people he worked so hard to help, his understanding and acceptance of their nature, and his incorporation of the whole person into his medical approach that made him such a treasure to have as a physician. When my mother moved out of the County, he still asked about her, talked about who she was and always did so with a sense of care and compassion.
I know that Dr. Johannsson kept working for his patients even when his own health was poor.
He was aware of the enormous challenges in our health care system and he did his best for many years to protect us. We talked briefly about this on our last phone call. While I thanked him then, it would be impossible to fully express my gratitude to him for all he gave as a healer and carer. We have lost more than our local doctor, we’ve lost a unique individual who was truly dedicated to doing his best for those around him. I’m deeply grateful that Mum and I were both the recipients of his work and kindness.
Name: Simon Whitehouse
In memory of: Dr. Peter Johannsson
Message: Very sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Johannsson. It's been many years since I've been in Picton, but Dr. Johannson was always an excellent family doctor that had a huge impact on my family's life through the years. Always reliable, friendly and wise going back to when he had offices on Spencer Street. Many thanks to him and his family for their compassion and commitment to the community.
In memory of: Dr. Peter JOHANNSSON
Message: I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Johannsson passing.
He was one of the nicest and most professional doctors I have ever met.
His gentle manner and reassuring demeanour while taking care of his patients was forever remembered and appreciated by many patients.
My thoughts go out to his family, friends, his colleagues and coworkers during this this time of grieving.
He was a true gentleman and an exceptional colleague who touched so many people's lives over the years, and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Rest in peace Dr. Johannsson.

Office staff - Dr. Vukojevic
Name: Sue Brant
In memory of: Dr. Peter Johannsson
Message: Heartfelt condolences to Dr Johannsson’s family and associates. He was a caring kind Doctor. Always took the time to return calls and provide that personal care. Always a smile and cheerful greeting. It will be a big loss for the community. Rest in peace.
Name: Ted and Kerry King
In memory of: Dr. Peter Johannson
Message: Peter has been our doctor for many years and we always felt at ease with him thanks to his friendly, charming manner. His dedication to his profession and to his clients was outstanding. He will be missed by many and our condolences go to his family and friends. The world needs more doctors like him.
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