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Name: Cathy & Rick Insley
In memory of: TJ
Message: Our deepest sympathies to the family, Sarah and the girls. You are all in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. TJ will be greatly missed, we hope you can take comfort in all your great memories with him. Hugs to you all.
Name: Mary and Charlie Crawford Crawford
In memory of: T.J. Slatter
Message: We are pleased to make a donation for the girls' education funds. We love you.
Name: Chris Carroll
In memory of: TJ
Message: Sarah Ellie-Ann and Sydnee

I was so saddened to see TJ at BGH when I was in myself, I prayed and hoped that he would get his surgery, Sarah I had not known TJ was ill. I thought he would have a long recovery maybe but really felt it was going to work. To see you Sarah, and the girls so attentive and caring for TJ brings tears to my eyes now. I tried many times to visit with TJ but every time I got to his room you had many many friends visiting or he was asleep the one time. Then I went to visit and Beth said TJ had gone to Toronto. We,who either got to know him at BGH or those of us who knew you folks all along loved the guy. I found that out trying to get a little time to sit with him in his room. Sarah you and your girls are in our thoughts and prayers. Chris and Lisa
Name: Wayne and Margaret Jarvis
In memory of: T.J.Slater
Message: Sarah and family. We only knew TJ a short time but he was a sweetheart and very funny. He made everyone feel at home around him and we are glad to have had a good friend even for a short time. W e wish the best for you and the girls.
Name: Margie and Larry Price
In memory of: TJ Slatter
Message: There are no words that can properly express how saddened we are for your loss. He was a great guy with a huge heart, smile and laugh and will be greatly missed by so many. Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you all. May all of your wonderful memories provide some comfort to you. xo
In memory of: T J Slatter
Message: We are very sorry to hear of TJ's passing.