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Name: Brian & Jacqueline Bedard
In memory of: Robert Orchard
Message: So sorry of Rob passing. Our deepest condolences to you, Jill, and your family.

Brian & Jacqueline Bedard
Name: Richard Fujimoto
In memory of: Rob Orchard
Message: My thoughts go out to you Jill as we mourn Rob’s passing. There’ll be one less person at the bid euchre table.
Name: Jim & Dody DeVuono
In memory of: Rob Orchard
Message: To our sweet loving neighbour Jill and all her family. We were only bit players in Rob’s life these past four years, but boy were we blessed when we moved here. Rob always had a smile and a calm demeanour so welcoming to us and to all. His spot in his chair watching his favourite sports will be one of the memories we’ll keep with us. You were so blessed with a lifetime of this man in your lives in his many roles. Count up all those wonderful moments, smile and know he is at peace, and that love carries on and conquers all. Love, Jim and Dody. Two doors down.xx
Name: chris beastall
In memory of: Rob Orchard
Message: My Condolences to the Orchard family.

Sorry to hear of Robs passing.

Mr. Orchard was a positive guy ready to jump in and take a crack at most things. He loved traveling, sports and the Olympics. Life of the party.
Cross country skiing in the Eastern townships with the Orchards is a great memory and life was good in the Lennoxville/Huntingville neighborhood.
A life extremely well lived. RIP.

Chris Cathy and kids.

Name: John Wilkinson
In memory of: Robert Orchard
Message: Dear Mike, Laura and family. I am so sorry to hear about your father Robert’s passing. Meeting your father on many occasions it was a pleasure spending time with him and enjoying his friendly and personable personality. Robert had a way of making you feel at ease while talking with him. Lindy and our girls Lindsay, Melanie and Sydney and I offer our sincere condolences.
Name: Amelia Hoag
In memory of: Orchard
Message: Your TN Volunteers loving GA family are wonderful children & grandchildren & great grandchildren who honor your legacy! My condolences to all of Jackie’s family.
Name: Stephen Beastall
In memory of: Rob Orchard
Message: My wife and I are so saddened to hear of Rob's passing.

What a great all-round guy he was!

He could see the humour in almost anything, and had the greatest laugh ever!

I recall as a young teenager, him asking me "have you heard our new Scottish rock band the Bay City Rollers?"

I said yes they are great! He had a great stereo..., and put their new LP on and cranked it up, singing and dancing along to them!

He will be missed by all who knew him.

Rest in peace Rob.

Steve and Dawn and kids.