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In memory of: David O'Connor
David I am so saddened to hear you are on your way to your next journey….And of course my condolences to Kimberly and both families....

I just wanted to say thank you for our special freindship and :

Thank you for all those joyous gatherings over succulent food and delicious wines ….

Thank you for those crazy fondue dinners and the dinners in the fields or by the brook…..

Thank you for our hearty invigorated historical discussions about Bonaparte; The Ottoman Empire, The Fall of New Orleans and many others…..

Thanks for being the pillar of calm when the water was rough….

Thanks for the warm intros to all the artisanal vintners and interesting folks in The County ……

Thank you always being there when the chips were down…..

For trading old worn books and hearing your enthusiasm for the treasures within….

Thank you for making me from a neophyte into a “so called” Single Malt expert in no time at all. …..

Thank you for our cherished friendship and your generosity and hospitality over the years …..

Thanks for pitching in when crunch time called for last minute loyal troops….

For sharing brisk morning rides down lonely county roads in the cab of your truck; smiling and laughing along the way….

Thank you for the always positive you and the warm smile that embraced our every meeting ….

Thank you for always being you; The County Gentlemen
Name: Sharon Mustos
In memory of: David O’Connor
Message: Sending our heartfelt condolences to David’s wife and loved ones on this tragic loss. Sharon and Carl Mustos