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Sutton, Sandra

1955 - 2016

With such dignity and grace, Sandy began her next journey in life peacefully at home with myself and my family by her side,
surrounded by so much love and prayers. Sandy bravely fought with such courage and strength a short battle with cancer.

Sandy developed a strong work ethic at such a young age and carried this throughout both her professional and personal life....
her passion during her years at Prince Edward Heights, supervisor of the Kinesology department and her over 25 years with WSIB. 
It was of the utmost importance to Sandy to ensure those under her care with both careers, were well looked after with such respect and passion in her heart..  Rounding out these qualities was Sandy's wonderful sense of humor and infectious laugh and her whistle
throughout her office and our home!!

As my partner in life of 28 years, my heart, the place I call home, Sandy inspired us all with her unconditional love and support...
she taught us all how to be better people....she was one of the greatest teachers in life.

Sandy leaves behind her furry kids who she adored and loved with all her heart and they her.

We will all love her the rest of our days on this earth and miss her quick wit and her passion she held in her heart for those around her.  There wasn't anything Sandy wouldn't tackle, fix and complete around our home.  Sandy had a gift for music, often heard playing many songs on her piano and her accordion from when she was just a little girl, around our bon- fire during both the summer and winter months.  She loved her old boat that she had repaired and brought up to the era from which it was made...we would set sail taking sunset cruises across the waters of West Lake and often docking at the Sandbanks dunes with picnic in hand....and perhaps a bottle of red wine!!  Our many summers spent up at Otter Lake cottages with my family...
it was always so good to get 'back home' when arriving at Sandy Beach Resort.

My family was her family, how she loved each and everyone one of you...watching the nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews growing up around us, was always such happiness in Sandy's heart....the many family sleepovers, how we would all camp right here at Changing Winds and the laughter, the closeness, the love was always shared by everyone and we hated when the weekends were
over and the giggles and laughter would be gone until another family gathering.  

To my family, your love, your support, your compassion throughout this journey of Sandy's....we can't, I can't, thank you enough for always being there for both of us....she has left us all a life time of memories, memories I will cherish the rest of my days.....Thank you Sandy from the bottom of my heart for always being here for me, for your love, your laughter and your heart.  Your life on this earth was far too short, but, in that time, you have spread such love from your heart.   Your work family from WSIB, hold such high respect and passion in their hearts for have all been so wonderful during this time, how proud she is of each and everyone of you....your friendship has always meant the world to Sandy....your gifts of love, support and food has been so overwhelming.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our many friends, and my family, who have been on this journey with us, your love, your visits, support, hugs and much food along the way will never go unnoticed, I can't thank you enough, it always meant the world to us.

To the most kind, caring and compassionate nurses, Heather Campbell and Jennifer were both such great Guardian Angels to both of us but, especially to Sandy. To Dr. Elizabeth Christie, you too, were an Angel brought to fight in Sandy's corner....never change your wonderful and caring hearts. I can't thank you enough for all you did during Sandy's last journey on this earth.

Sandy was the loving partner of 28 years to Diane Langabeer.
Sandy was predeceased by her parents Don and Betty Sutton and she leaves behind her sisters Rosemary (Allen),
Sheila (Gord) and nieces Evan, Emily, Robert and Andrea....she loved you all very much.

If you are ever lucky enough to come upon another human being with such kindness, love and compassion for those around them,
then I can assure you, you have met Sandy.

To Tod Lavender of Ainsworth Funeral home in Wellington, you have gone so above and beyond with everything for both Sandy and I...
I can't thank you enough Tod.  To Reverend Steve Spicer, you captured during Sandy's celebration of life, all that she was, all that she
will be and continue to be...thank you so very much for your kind, spiritual and loving words. Thanks also to Steven Sprigings for the
playing the bagpipes at the service, to those who have sent cards sent to Sandy and to our great neighbors.
A Graveside Service was held on
Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at the Wellington Cemetery.

If desired, donations in Sandy's name, to Hospice Prince Edward County.
Online donations and condolences at

"To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground"...'Stephen R. Corey'....
and Sandy has touched many hearts and souls but, especially mine