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Name: Gayle Bowerman
In memory of: Gilbert Grieves
Message: I met Gil and his wife when i worked at Wellington on the lake, where I now live. I will miss our mail box chats, He was such a sweet man . My condolences to you and your family
Name: Ray Ireland
In memory of: Gil Grieve
Message: A life well lived. A very nice man. Our condolence.

Ray & Carolyn
Name: Jean Clarke
In memory of: Gil Grieve
Message: I have now lost the other half of my friends Betty & Gil. I shared many “single malts” with Gil and I will miss him and his support.
We will all meet again!! Jean 🌻😘
Name: Barry/marie Patterson
In memory of: Gil Grieve
Message: We wish to extend our most sincere sympathy to the family at this time.
We live in Norwood and knew Gil and Betty quite well
Barry is a member of the Norwood Lions and remembers Gil when he was also a member
One thing I remember from the store....our daughter was with me when we walked to the store from our home and we looked at things.
When we got home she pulled a tube of lipstick from her coat pocket and said "I got lipstick too". BUT we had not paid for it...so we walked back to the store and she had to,give the lipstick back to Rosie Beynon...the lovely lady who worked there..
Gil said that the shop lifters in Norwood were pint size....so,we all got a big laugh about that....and our daughter, even though she was about three years old, never forgot that day...
They were a very lovely couple ...
And will be missed very much
Thinking of you
Barry and Marie Barrons Patterson
Name: Anne Youmans
In memory of: Gil Grieve
Message: Sorry for your loss. I still have my "lucky" rock that your Dad gave me. Hugs to all.